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Necklace Size Guide

How to find your perfect necklace length:

The perfect necklace length is individual; however, there are a few ways to figure out which length will suit you best. Use the instructions below to find your new favorite necklace length.


If you already have a necklace whose length you like, you can measure it to help determine which size to choose.

Measure Full Length
  • Lay the necklace down on a flat surface in a straight line. Measure it from one end of the clasp to the other and note down the length
Measure When Closed
  • With the necklace clasp closed, lay it down on a flat surface and measure its length from end to end. Next, double that measurement and note it down.
Pro Tips
  • We mainly carry necklace lengths 16', 18', 20'
  • Choose a size 16' if you are going for a choker necklace feel.
  • Choose a size 18' if you want a snuger fit but not as tight as a choker
  • Choose a size 20' if you want a more dangly feel

These tips are just tips. We suggest you measure your favorite necklace you have now to determine your perfect size! Longer necklace sizing are available. Please reachout to our customer service team at

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When choosing a ring size

Measure a ring that fits

If you’re wondering how Fedore Rings should fit, we can help. Choose the ring size of the largest finger you’ll be wearing the ring on. When measuring, round to the closest whole millimetre. Ideally, a ring should be able to fit well enough so that it won’t fall off. However, you don’t want it to get stuck, so make sure it’s also loose enough to fit over your knuckle relatively easily.

Find your diameter

Diameter is the measurement across the inner width of the ring.

Step 1
  • Find a ring that fits.
Step 2
  • Lay ring on top of ruler, and measure the widest area inside the ring from inner edge to inner edge. Round to the closest whole millimetre.
Step 3
  • Refer to the chart below to determine your ring size. Correlate the closet MM you measured with the US ring size.
Pro Tips
  • We carry ring sizes 6,7,8 & 9
  • The most common size we sell is a size 7
  • If you are unsure of your size choose the size you believe to be closet to yours
  • If a ring does not fit, not to worry we have a hassle free return policy. Please view our policy here.